Thursday, March 28, 2013

A houndstooth dress

My Fashion Star McCalls' 6553 pattern is finally done!

This pattern called for interfacing, I only had the fusible
facing left so I made it with that.

The pattern pocket instruction I still do not understand but used my own
way which is how I learned to make pockets.....from a book.
I love a dress with pockets!

I used a linen blend fabric.

Even I could understand the loop tie but I made it with a little ruffle.  I chose a 
fun pink button.

I serged the hem with tangerine thread & still might do a proper hem but I
wore it like this today.

The back interfacing gives the dress a crisp look that I am liking.

So this "easy" dress made me revisit interfacing as I had not sewn with that
in a couple of years & made me remember how to insert seam pockets!

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Sew you later!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

A twisted mess

the good.....

the bad....front twisted mess

and the ugly....serge neckline seams.

I knew my pattern sewing streak had to end & it did with this McCalls's 6704 view D, dress
that I made.  I used silver silk for the dress & tangerine chiffon for the overlay.
My shoes were the inspiration for this dress!

The chiffon was difficult to work with & I ended up serging it to make it resemble the 

I do like this flowy overlay but matching up the seams did not quite work so I am thinking
I cut the chiffon off grain? or maybe backwards?

so I will try this pattern again but I will cut a size 10 next time as this pattern ran large.

Sew you later!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

up next McCall's 6553 pattern....surprise!

The last Fashion Star pattern that I'll make?  I have been trying to sew this dress since last August!

I was waiting for this linen houndstooth fabric to go on sale & it finally did.....I got the 
last 3 meters!

Sew you later!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion Star Fun

I have been having fun sewing these Fashion Star patterns because well they are easy!
 This McCall's 6556 at first did not appeal to me but when I saw this
silky sateen fabric I thought it would make a cool dress.

The pattern is huge & I used my carpet as backing to keep the fabric
from slipping as I cut.

I thought at first this pattern was sewn through on the
one side similar to my cape dress....

but it was pleats & the instructions were very easy to follow

I like the back....

the front.....

and how it drapes.

This will be my date night dinner dress this weekend!

Sew you later!


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Polka dot a la Kate Spade

I have had this heavy cotton blend polka dot fabric for a few years now & have finally made more skirts.  

I first made a cover for my extra large ironing board the husband bought for me that no pre made covers fit.

For this skirt I made an A line skirt with contrasting red band & black bias tape for the hem.  I also made a side zipper.  I have been inspired by the designs of Kate Spade lately to finally use the remaining 1 meter of this fabric.  

I really want to create more designs with the fabric I have.....but the new Spring fabric at the fabric stores are calling to me!

Sew you later!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tunic top drama...

I had the last of this bold flower print fabric to make a tunic top to go with my Chanel....ish pants.

I thought of this design to combine 2 McCall's patterns 6112 & 6607 that I like to make one tunic top.

Both patterns were already cut to a size 12 so this is how I laid it out for cutting.  I then realized that I did not have enough of this flower fabric to finish the tunic.

So off to the fabric store me

& Alexandra went.  How cool is that a fabric store opened within walking distance of our home!

I came back empty handed though because that fabric had sold out.  So I just used my Chanel...ish pant material leftovers to make the back part of the tunic.

Both of these patterns were very easy to sew even with the two types of fabrics.  I just set my tension a little higher on my Singer.

The new back contrast with the un even/ hi low hems I am still liking.

I will also wear this tunic in the summer as a cover up for my bikini.

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Sew you later!