Friday, February 28, 2014

New Look 6022

Another dress completed with my insane amount
of hoarded fabric & I'm not one to hoard anything!

I made a neck scarf to go with,

and for once I used a decorative stitch which
I never seem to use on my machine.

Mini-me is saying no to scarf.

Bias binding neckline hem which turned out ok.

I used New Look 6022 which is a easy pattern to sew.
I like the pleated sleeves & neckline.

Sew you later!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sewing one for the team

I was doing some very easy sewing for the Olympic games,
to get in the spirit & cheer our athletes on.
Vancouver hosted in 2010 & our family
was lucky enough to attend the very
exciting Hockey's & women's
so I still had my jersey to wear too.

iMade this Canada day skirt out of stretch cotton
& wore it when the girls hockey team won Gold!

Just a couple of days later & we have a beautiful
snowfall & iMade
this white tank top & lined the edges with
the Canadian Flag.....& the men's Hockey team
won Gold too!
Good times.

Sew you later!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sew a Tie

I have never made a tie before so I googled "sew a tie"
 & this awesome free PDF 

For someone who loves a 3 piece pattern this was
super easy.....even for me!
 I would recommend that because it is cut on
the bias to try

 & cut the lining the same time as
your fabric.....I did not & was
just able to hand sew the lining sides to meet.

There was some hand sewing,

I tied it in a Windsor's Knot,
single as the pattern recommends.

I am making a skirt of the last my hounds-tooth fabric
& plan on wearing the skirt & tie to the office.
Just to mix it up about & give them something to talk about.

Sew you later!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Extreme sewing.....

The "husband" ATVing on the frozen lake.

for extreme sports!  We went away this past long
weekend to take a break & look for a little
cabin in the mountainside to buy.  I needed
some warm clothes so I sewed up
a storm a few days before we left, using
the last of my black polar fleece.
I made this balaclava using the "husbands" one as
a pattern.  It kept me warm being that is was
-20......freezing cold but so beautiful in the clear 
mountain air.

This would be our escape from the rain in the city
in the winter, & the summers are hot & dry....perfect as 
we are right beside a lake for boating & swimming.

I also made some lounge pants for myself 
but mini-me claimed them
right way & she which she wore the whole time
 we were there.  I used this very easy
New Look 6354 pattern.

It is really quite beautiful place to be.


Sew you later!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coat Dress or Tent Dress?

My own design of a
Coat Dress.

A 1960's tent dress pattern.

2013 Victoria Beckman designs a modern 
version of the tent dress that most
 are calling hideous.
I like it, it has most things I like
about a casual dress... its floaty,
comfortable to wear &
love the style of the hem with
the contrast bias trim. 

Since we are in the middle of a cold spell
I designed this dress of, wait for it,
Polar Fleece!

I made it with front to back facings,

extra long sleeves,
in seam side pockets &

added my signature lined hoody.
It really was too baggy so
I gathered the front from
side to side seam.

It is comfortable, warm
& cosy to wear.

What do you think....a Coat dress or a Tent dress?

Sew you later!