Friday, January 31, 2014

Polar Vortex Dress

Hello friends!
I hope you have a good start to the New Year.
I have had a bit of a break from sewing the last couple of months,
just the usual family, vacations, Christmas parties that took
away all my sewing time.  I also moved my sewing
space from my dressing room to the family room, it
was too small in my dressing room & no space to cut or design.
The "husband" set up a larger table,
moved stuff around so now I have more space with 
proper lighting, which helps with my old eyes.
Bonus is an unused china cabinet, that
now stores all my fabric & some sewing books.
I can also be apart of the family while they 
watch a movie....I can sew & this
is my first Polar Vortex Dress.

It has been very cold here lately & with
temperature predictions of more coldness
next week, I thought of making this fleece dress.
Yes....fleece, I made one a few years back
Snowball Dress & I still had some
leftover fabric so I thought to use it up.
That is what I am trying to do
in the next couple of months,
to use my existing fabric & try new

This dress is my own design,

I was sort of going for a
dress/coat with
colour contrast & tie.  I edged the hood
with the last of the last of my little snowballs.

Sew you later!