Monday, April 15, 2013

mini-me sews

Mini-me & I are off to Europe in a few weeks so we
 have started to sew some garments for our trip.
She saw that I had all this fabric & wanted to design 
her own dress!

She picked this pink polka dot fabric & a little Spring 
time sateen for her design.

She sewed the skirt part & she asked for help with the stretchy polka
dot fabric.  I used a zig zag stitch of course.

I also serged the seams in tangerine because I still have not
changed the thread.......I know so bad.

This is her design....not bad for for a teen & so like her....original!  She plans on 
wearing this in France with a Beret.

Sew you later!



Merche Martinez said...

Look how big she is getting! And so beautiful! She sure looks happy with her new dress, she must be so proud. And so lucky she´s got a mother who can teach her. Very creative!

Mari Cruz said...

She is so creative and beatiful! I guess who will travel with the bigest suitcase.

Janlynn said...

Wow! Your daughter did a great job. So talented. Just like her Mom.

Have fun in Europe and buy lots of fabric.

Rosy said...

Wow! Your daughter inherited your talent for sewing! I'm sure she will do great designs in the future, this polka dots is so funny and original!