Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fashion Star

The only way I will ever be a Fashion Star is sew this maxi dress from the McCall's 6700 pattern.

a truly easy pattern to sew & I fell in love with the fabric so I had to sew it right away Merche, lol!

I was own my own for photographs today & my remote for my dslr needed a new battery so these photos are not the best.

The bodice I sewed at night & only realized the next day when I went to iron that I did not set the tension properly for this puckering & a mess :(
This fabric also frays a lot so unpicking my stitches not an option.

I bought the last 2.5 meters of this sold out fabric so I am wondering how to fix this....any ideas?

The skirt pieces of this pattern were huge & the tie belt took a large part of the fabric but I love it.

The shoulder ties were the opposite, so small that I could not turn inside I made a chain strap (leftovers from a purse project).  I sewed it on by hand.

Could not get any decent photos of the back but here & you can see the fraying.....

this was how most of my photos turned out today

Sew you later!

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Rosy said...

Wow! Denise, you really look like a star! to that is puckered seam that I recommend to you unpick it gently and iron a thin fleece strip along the seam line, then sew it, you will see the difference! This dress is my favorite of all you sewed up now! So glamorous!

Vix said...

You look like a superstar! That dress is stunning and the fabric is lovely! x

Cheryl @ Sew Can Do said...

Gorgeous fabric & flattering finish. I know what you mean about the challenge of taking photos of yourself! Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

HeathersSphere said...

Exquisitely stunning dress! Impressive!

Marjory Steele Skousen said...

You make everything you wear look stunning. Love the material. Can't you gently unpick it, then use your surger to do it again?

Sacramento Amate said...

I am useless at following patterns. I can make skirts, and that is all.
Lovely dress indeed, Denis.

Alyssa said...

You look wonderful in that dress! Nice work!

Olga (Kid Approved) said...

The dress is gorgeous. Sorry about the neckline, i hate when that happens!