Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Epic Fail

I found myself this past weekend with a whole day of sewing....I was so excited to get started on a fall wardrobe.  I chose this McCall's 5702 dress jumper that had a 9 piece pattern but seemed OK for me to tackle.  But maddeningly after 6 hours of sewing when I tried on the jumper it fell right off me.  The sleeves and bodice were not the correct size even though I cut out to my measurements.  Those sleeves were a pain to fit in as the wool was thick so there was no way to take out all those seams without the wool coming apart.  I chose this pattern for the pockets so after I threw the jumper across my sewing room floor, I calmed down (glass of wine) & cut off the top & made into a skirt.

 I used this soft thick wool that I had leftover from my crazy cape making nights a couple of years ago.

For the turtleneck I used this off white Ponte de Roma knit & the oh so easy Burda pattern
that I have made a couple times.

Here I am happier the next day going to work...not quite the jumper I planned for our rainy cold days but I like this skirt with the big pockets.  Do you try & save some of your epic fail sewing projects?  If so....send me a link I would love to see how you turned your projects around!

Sew you later!


Rosy said...

This was a decision that smart! I can love jumper, but that skirt stole my heart .... You always look so elegant!

DeniseAngela said...

Thanks Rosy!

Gabrielle said...

Great save - the resulting skirt is lovely, and I want one exactly the same in my wardrobe!

I have quite a few sewing fails... recently I made a lovely dress that's too tight (hopefully it will fit when I lose some of my winter weight and go to the gym a bit more regularly), and I've also made several-shirts that I initially liked and then decided were unwearable. One of these is becoming a sleep shirt (a cream coloured linen cotton knit top) and a couple more are likely to get sent to the charity shop for someone else to maybe enjoy.