Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random thoughts on a silk skirt....

This is a A line skirt I made a few months back with 2 different fabrics....I used dupioni silk for the front & charmeuse for the back.....I also made a hand sewn zipper.  I went to wear it yesterday & notice a few things......the box pleat I made in the front had come un done so this time I sewed it by hand with a few stitches at the top.  I also hand wash this skirt but notice the silk loosing its shape in the front while hang drying so now this skirt lays flat to dry.

I am thinking to line the front silk part or maybe add interface to the box pleat to keep the shape. Any thoughts for next time I sew a similar skirt with two types of fabric?


Amy said...

Your blog is cute! :) I'm here from the Sassy Sites linky party... I'm a new follower, and I would love for you to check out my blog too! :)

Melina said...

really cute, love it!

Janlynn said...

I find it easier to sew fabrics that are of similar weights. Charmeuse is lighter that dupioni , so you might want to underline it with something to give it a similar hand. Maybe silk organza. I would not interface the pleat. Personally I line everything even if the pattern does not call for it. Also, I send silk to the dry cleaners. Their pressing is magical.
I hope you find this helpful.