Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tunic....dress or top?

I have sewn a few tunic dresses but they are not my favorite type of dress.   They usually have little shape to them & look like a sack on me.  I do like that they are easy to sew but what is the point if you are never going to wear them out of the house.  This spring I have seen  different versions of the tunic dress that I like so I went ahead & used this pattern that I had.... New Look 6936.  

 It really is a two hour dress to sew - amazing....and that also included cutting the pattern.  It was so easy & the instructions were clearly written. 

I had this knit/unknown fibre fabric that I liked & had no problems sewing with it. 

 After I tried it on though it looked a little short for a dress. 

So I tried with black leggings & it seemed more of a top. 

This will be another project that will be worn around the house... if that! 

Well I did wear it to out to the technically I wore it out of the house....interestingly the "husband" likes this dress/top.... and he usually does not like these sack dresses as he calls them.  Whats your take on tunic or hate?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ponte de Roma Skirt

This is my ponte de roma sheer skirt that I made using my own design.  I had originally planned on making some tops or a dress with this fabric but I thought it would do well as a skirt too.  I wanted a comfortable  skirt with a little elegance to wear for my Mothers Day luncheon that the girls have planned for me.

I like this somewhat thick fabric & had no problems sewing with it.

I designed a simple skirt & added waist darts for a better fit.  I also made a fold down waist band.  This fabric has enough stretch in it that you do not need a zipper.

I sewed the chiffon to the waist band & left the waist band with the natural fray as I liked how it looked....I am going to the dark side now not finishing edges lol!  I had issues with the chiffon though, I had to sew twice the back seam as it unraveled even though I used the serger & I used Fray Stop on both ends. So I made a regular stitch beside the serged seems to be working but now it seems a little bit puckered.  Does anyone have any chiffon technique's they would like to share with me?  The bottom hem of the chiffon does not unravel at what gives? I made a chiffon hoodie a couple of months ago and had no problems!

Wishing all my blog friends a serene & restful Mother's day however you celebrate!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sheer Skirt Take 2

I really enjoyed getting your comments & suggestions from my last post!  I liked Carolyn's idea about adding darts & a I made a second skirt & this is a better fit. 

I only ran into troubles with my darts, I had to use my seam ripper & start again. 

So now I have 2 skirts in this pink striped organza material for my show! 

I plan on making a dress with the rest.  Mini-me is having a hard time with this though......she has an attachment to this material as it has been around since she was very little & she used to play with this fabric & then put it back for next time!  She did not want me to cut the fabric for the skirts......I think I will make her a little skirt after I make a dress and save some for her memories.
This is the inspiration for the dress.......and I mean inspiration....I would have a hard time to match the stripes in the front skirt part!!

The Princess loves this Betsey Johnson dress....I would use the fabric as an overlay....

btw....I am wearing white shorts with my skirt.....I will make a short lining for one & white jersey shorts for the other.