Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Popsicle Dress

We are in the midst of some major home renovations and to take a break from it I thought I would try and sew myself some "easy" summer dresses. This dress was started two months ago and put away several times out of shear frustration. This colour combination comes from turquoise being my fav colour for 2010 and these great red shoes that my BFF got me for my birthday this year. 
When I wore this dress the Princess (my oldest teenage daughter) announced that the colours looked like a Popsicle) I also had some red bias tape and I purchased the turquoise stretch cotton fabric for a great price (buy one meter get two free at the fabric store that I stalk three times a week.
 I designed this dress myself - easy one seam - well easy if you are shaped like a rectangle. I got to know the seam ripper very well (I had first added the ruffle to the bodice and it did not look right) and my serger saved this dress by being able to serge off my mistakes.
 I really like ruffles now and thanks to Tea Rose for her online tutorial. The first dress I started I actually serged too much off so I put that one aside to make for my youngest daughter. This on was finished and when I wore it for date night dinner the weather was really hot and I was very comfortable in this dress. 
The cotton felt great and soft. I am planning on making more of this style of dress but next time I will use a A line or pencil skirt pattern for the bottom part of the dress.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My new blog

I am new at blogging & a novice seamstress
learning to sew my own skirts & dresses.
I shamelessly use my 3 daughters as models
& dress forms.

They have all been very supportive

since I started to sew this past January.

Skirts & dresses for Easter that I made.

My youngest, Mini-me has been there right
from the start!

So this is my place to share my novice projects & my start 
to blogging!