Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, new trainers, new tank top

I have been a gym junkie a little
over a month now working out
6 days a week. 
I never thought I would.....I hated the gym,
preferring ballet, swimming & sports 
to keep me in shape, but a Fibroid has afflicted me 
this past year.  Making me look about 5 months
pregnant with all the gory issues that most women
my age get.  My doc said I could just wait it
out (yeah I love not fitting any of my clothes) 
have surgery or try to get rid of it naturally.

Naturally has worked the last 6 weeks!
I have dropped 10 pounds & now
fit into my previous fat day clothes.
I cut all the junk food from my diet,
kept the good carbs, more protein,
& no red meat.  I get at least 7 hours
sleep a night & I know that is because 
of my 2 hour workouts at the gym.

Instead of a new wardrobe, I need new gym clothes & they are expensive.
I have Lululemon bottoms from my ballet workouts
so I just needed more tanks & tops.
This is the first one I made from swimsuit material 
using McCall's pattern 6751.  Very easy to sew & holds up
to a vigorous workout on the elliptical so I 
will be making more!

Sew you later!


francesca romana capizzi said...

The tank top is fab! Happy new year!

Vix said...

What a fab top, the back is so cool! x

Anna Christina said...

Wow,good for you! The top is adorable. New gym clothes might be motivating.