Friday, November 7, 2014

The Coco Dress

I had high hopes for this pattern,

that I finally finished.......The "Coco Dress" using New Look 6145 pattern.

I saw this pattern a year ago  & hum & hahd even though I quited like
the simple style of this dress.  When the pattern went on sale for  $1.50
it was a no brainer to purchase it.

I did a lace hem adding that special touch.
I did have a few fit issues.

Hospital gown comes to mind.....

Oh & zipper issues.  Trying to be cool & not insert
an invisible zip but a contrasting one.

Trying to make this work but I know the next time I sew this pattern
I will go down a size.  The fabric is a cotton stretch which even though
pressed well....does not look it.
I did wear this to the office so not a total loss!

Sew you later.

1 comment:

Anna Christina said...

I love how appropriate a "Coco" dress is for you. If you consider this your wearable muslin, you may not mind the issues. It looks adorable from the picture!