Friday, March 7, 2014

A dollar & a half pattern sale

The fabric store near my house.....I know, I live with in
walking distance.....hence the fabric hoarding problems,
has had a falling out with New Look Patterns & will
no longer stock or carry their patterns.

I found this out by going there to buy thread,
honestly I didn't even look at the Spring fabric
because I have Spring Fabric from 2011 that I must 
use first (the fabric in the background)
 anyway they are getting rid of 
all New Look patterns like 
the bubonic plague for $1.50.

I like New Look patterns because they are generally
easy to sew with easy to follow

I got..... uummmm...(bow head).....36 new patterns
& some Gutermann thread.

Time for Sew Coco to get sewing 
this one first, New Look 6145.

Sew you later!


Marjory Skousen said...

OMG How many did you buy? 20?! You will be doing a lot of sewing to get through all of those. LOL How fun it is when we find things like this.

Tany said...

Ohhhh, at that price I wouldn't look back either, lucky you!!! Great loot!!!!