Friday, March 7, 2014

A dollar & a half pattern sale

The fabric store near my house.....I know, I live with in
walking distance.....hence the fabric hoarding problems,
has had a falling out with New Look Patterns & will
no longer stock or carry their patterns.

I found this out by going there to buy thread,
honestly I didn't even look at the Spring fabric
because I have Spring Fabric from 2011 that I must 
use first (the fabric in the background)
 anyway they are getting rid of 
all New Look patterns like 
the bubonic plague for $1.50.

I like New Look patterns because they are generally
easy to sew with easy to follow

I got..... uummmm...(bow head).....36 new patterns
& some Gutermann thread.

Time for Sew Coco to get sewing 
this one first, New Look 6145.

Sew you later!