Friday, February 21, 2014

Sew a Tie

I have never made a tie before so I googled "sew a tie"
 & this awesome free PDF 

For someone who loves a 3 piece pattern this was
super easy.....even for me!
 I would recommend that because it is cut on
the bias to try

 & cut the lining the same time as
your fabric.....I did not & was
just able to hand sew the lining sides to meet.

There was some hand sewing,

I tied it in a Windsor's Knot,
single as the pattern recommends.

I am making a skirt of the last my hounds-tooth fabric
& plan on wearing the skirt & tie to the office.
Just to mix it up about & give them something to talk about.

Sew you later!

1 comment:

Tany said...

Ohhhhh I really love it!! Already downloaded the pattern for future use!! Thanks so much for sharing this!