Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sorry your blog has been deleted

Mini me & I 
Well I'm back.....& so is my blog.  
I have been gone for so long because Google
deleted this blog & mini-me's blog while we were traveling Europe together.
I have traveled before on this blog & posted & commented with no problems.

This time we were in London, France & Portugal & we were not really going to post
 but when we found a cool charity shop with some awesome fabric & frocks
in the middle of London, this came up:

"there has been unusual activity on your account, type in your phone number to 
verify your blog"
I thought right away this was a scam & no way was I giving out my cell phone number (never mind the international charges)!
I closed the page & went to log in again & this showed up:
Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at SewCoco blah blah has been deleted.

Seriously Google?  It's not like if you even read my blogs or you would
know we are traveling & WTF do other bloggers do when they
freaking travel?  We had the correct password!!  

By the time we landed in Portugal our blogs had been completely
deleted.....if you typed in mother daughter sewing/fashion.....we were gone.

Middle daughter-The Model

A few months later I returned to Vancouver & finally have time to sew again.
Mini-me does not want to continue our other blog as she has moved on to
Instagram & twitter which she likes for ease of posting & commenting,
but I did miss this blog - because this is where I
documented my novice sewing with my 3 daughters.
Mini-me was the first of my daughters to take interest right away & after 6 months
of sewing we started this blog together.

My oldest - rare appearance on this blog

So I gave Google my cell number now that I was back home & they text a code,
which I entered & voila, I had this blog back.  They didn't even verify that
this was me & indeed my cell phone....what do others do that
do not have a cell phone?

Lesson learned - back up your blog & maybe try another site?
Wordpress? My own domain? or just instagram & twitter, the
fast, barely there communication?

Rant.....over.... next up....a little sewing!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Powder Puff Skirt

Well hello there.....

London had beautiful weather so perfect for visiting castles & having high tea.  I also haunted
 fabric stores & a fabulous charity shop right in the middle of London!
Paris was truly breath taking & I relaxed by sitting in cafes & writing
Poetry with Mini-me.  I also found so me beautiful fabric
 and some fabulous Paule Ka heels!

Thank you for your lovely emails while I have been long gone
from this blog!

This is a silk skirt my girls sewed for me a while back that 
I never got around to posting before I left.

It is leftover fabric from one of my silk curtains from the 90's that they serged with
hot pink. 

 I like it!

Sew you later!