Saturday, February 15, 2014

Extreme sewing.....

The "husband" ATVing on the frozen lake.

for extreme sports!  We went away this past long
weekend to take a break & look for a little
cabin in the mountainside to buy.  I needed
some warm clothes so I sewed up
a storm a few days before we left, using
the last of my black polar fleece.
I made this balaclava using the "husbands" one as
a pattern.  It kept me warm being that is was
-20......freezing cold but so beautiful in the clear 
mountain air.

This would be our escape from the rain in the city
in the winter, & the summers are hot & dry....perfect as 
we are right beside a lake for boating & swimming.

I also made some lounge pants for myself 
but mini-me claimed them
right way & she which she wore the whole time
 we were there.  I used this very easy
New Look 6354 pattern.

It is really quite beautiful place to be.


Sew you later!


Tany said...

Ohhh, my DH would lOVE to spend a few days in a place like that! He's a passionate snowboarder!
It looks like you and your family had a wonderful time!
Have a great week!

Mari Cruz Dedal, aguja e hilo said...

This Winter is being really bad in Spain, lucky me living in Barcelona, is not as cold as the north but I hope will finish soon.
I can't imagine miself living in Canada Bbbrrrr!