Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Making of a Toile

This is the toile for a dress that I am making.  I can honestly say I never used to make a toile (muslin) before but since I participated in the Great Vintage sew along earlier this year I have learned the advantages of taking the time to make one.  For this dress pattern I cut to my size but as you can see I need to do a FBA as it looks & feels tight. 

This fabric is similar to the one I am using for my dress that I got on sale for less than muslin would of cost here in Vancouver.  I bought 10 meters & have been using it to make most of my toiles.

This is also a "easy" pattern....but I have found out the hard way that sometimes it is not so easy for me.  When I make a toile though I have no surprises and the sewing goes smoothly because I have worked out any pattern issues & have sewn it at least once.

This top is my own design that I drafted on white tracing paper and I made this can see the shoulder seam needed to be taken in & if I had just blindly sewn it together this project would of ended up in a pile of garments to be fixed!  From this toile I ended up making a top & a dress.

I will also be making a toile for a Vogue jumpsuit that I want to sew but have not yet found a similar fabric to the matte jersey that I will be making it in.  Do any of my awesome followers who followed me here to my new blog url.........(btw ..thanks it meant a lot to me)  have any suggestions for the toile fabric or can I use a inexpensive knit/poly fabric?

Sew you later!


The Platinum Batch said...

i LOOOOVE the sleeves!!!

Tany said...

I'd use a similar fabric for the toile (the same "body" and amount of stretch) because it makes all the difference in fitting (and teh jumpsuit is close fitting if I'm not mistaken). Good luck!!